Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I would like to announce the Hottie of the Month for the Month of April

This Hottie has been constantly contributing  and showing her dedication to Hoobs Hotties. 


What's the best thing about being a Hottie?

I was just blown away by the invitation to become a Hottie so I think I am still in shock over that. However, I'd say getting to know the other Hotties, the warm reception I got by both Hotties and fans was great Oh! and the parties, the parties are awesome!

If you had to choose between a date with the hottest guy or gal.. or a shoot with the hottest photographer, which would you pick?

Oh wow, now that is a tough one, can't I have both? Yes, I'm totally greedy like that. Seriously though, I think I'd say the shoot with the hottest photographer simply because I truly do love what i do! I learn something new every shoot, and I just love seeing how other people see me when they shoot me. I am usually always just amazed.

What's the hottest of your body features?

Hmm, I suppose it depends on who you ask. People are always commenting on my ass, and well, sure, I have a great ass, don't we all? BUT I would say it's my eyes. They are unique and I just love them, but then I just love eyes. There is just something about getting lost in someone's eyes that just drives me wild.

Describe your sexiest experience in porn.

That's easy. I am so NOT the type of girl that fucks around during a shoot. I just don't do it, but there was one photographer from the very first shoot, I just knew I had to have. I think it was the first time that I ever truly -felt- the connection of the two avatars there on my screen. Every shoot with him was incredibly erotic. I was hooked, I couldn't get enough, still cant.

When did you know you wanted to be an adult entertainer?

I've been doing some form of adult entertainment from my very first days (almost 13 years now). When I first started and got settled into SL, I was a dancer, then a strip club owner, then a dancer, then a club owner, and so forth. Even before I got into the "Porn" community, I always had a love for photography and my photos were usually extremely erotic or sexual.

I really had no clue the porn industry was so big here in SL until I came back from a long break and my long-time best friend dragged me into it to help kill my boredom. I wasn't exactly all that fond of the idea at first, but thought, what the hell, what could it hurt? Well I'm glad that I gave it a shot because it has most definitely become a passion of mine.

Would you say you spend more time editing or flirting?
I so wish I could say flirting, but sadly, I spend way more time editing. I am however trying to make it a point to carve out some ME time, which will most definitely involve more flirting!

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