Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hotties After Hours ∙ 8-17-17



  See what the Hotties get up to when they have some Me Time..


Hottie Jori is Totally Worth It

Hottie Sammijo is Pure Gold

Hottie Tatiana Becomes the View at Surfer's Bay

Hottie Shai has a Tasty Encounter

Hottie Kisses IN CHARGE ..rawr

Hottie Occasus Explores Blind Lust

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hotties After Hours ∙ 8-10-17



 We caught up with some of the Hotties on their own time..



Hottie Riska helps Hoobs deal with.. morning issues  - Boom, baby!

Photo by Tour Diddy
Hottie Moonie plots her next adventure.. we wonder if it includes you  :)

Photo by Natsumi
Hottie Natsumi emulates Sia and Gaga but we think Nat is even hotter!

Photo by Tara
Hottie Tara has a moment in time alone.. she'd rather share with you  ;)

Photo by Damien Godard
Hottie Temp bets on black.. and wins!

Photo by Brea
Hottie Brea shows off her auto detailing skills.. oh, my!

Photo by Topaz
Hottie Topaz had a Happy Monday.. Hellya!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


I would like to announce the Hottie of the Month for the Month of JULY. 

This Hottie was one of three gorgeous ladies who have been constantly contributing  and showing dedication to Hoobs Hotties. 
She was voted in as Hottie of the Month by the fans.


The Hottie of the Month was asked some questions please see below for her answers.

What's the best thing about being a Hottie?

The best thing about being a Hottie is that it makes me feel even more part of the HOOBS family and in the team. I feel so proud to be a Hottie, it makes me smile all the time.

If you had to choose between a date with the hottest guy or gal.. or a shoot with the hottest photographer, which would you pick? 

A shoot with the hottest Photographer.

If you could pick any model in SL to work with, who would it be?

Right at the moment i think for me it would be Iris Okiddo. I love her imagination and style and she is a good friend.

What's the hottest of your body features? 

I think my eyes. It what i believe draws any viewer or admirer.

Describe your sexiest experience in porn.

The sexiest experience for me was likely my first porn shoot. i remember posing in a really erotic sex scene and it was a huge turn on and started me on my passionate porn journey.

When did you know you wanted to be an adult entertainer?

It was on a previous account, Chloe Cotton. I remember i was with my ex partner, Scarlett Foxx and one day we just decided to give it a go. we was both so excited and didn't even know where t start! hehe.

Would you say you spend more time editing or flirting?

 Flirting probably. although i do work hard and give a lot of my time passionately into my work and editing. i have a lot of fun but take it seriously.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hotties After Hours ∙ 8-3-17



  We won't tell if you don't  ;)



Hottie Samantha sporting her new titty enhancement - Pow!

 A Hottie Two-fer! ∙ Rachel and Partee Hugglebums  (_)_)

 Hottie Sammiejoe taken for a spin by a dirty cop ∙ don't go too fast!

 Hottie Ali poses for a tasty photo ∙ hey, no peeking!
 Hottie Two-fer #2 ∙ Simone and Shai sharing a moment..  shhhhh  ;)
 Welcome our newest Hottie Kisses who is bound by bows ∙ ooo la la!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Fun on the Boat

Was hanging out with Terrance Maurer on the boat today. We invited a couple of the Hotties out to join us. Terrance was very happy because Hottie Sammi seem to take a liking to him. Hottie Shai and myself watched as they connected, then looked at each other and realized they shouldn't be the only ones having fun on the boat. So off my shorts went.......

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hotties After Hours ∙ 7-27-17



  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun..



Hottie Occasus gets with her good friend Demi for a film shoot.. what are good friends for?

Photo by Jori
Hottie Jori having expectations

Photo by Shae
Hottie Shai tipping the DJ

Photo by Riske
Hottie Riska settles a disagreement

Photo by Partee
Hottie Partee takes a ride on an unidentified man.. random?
Photo by Ashley
Hottie Ashley touches herself.. and she thinks about you

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Getaway, Part #2

After myself and Hottie Brea drove around the island for awhile. We stumbled across a secluded beach and decided to get the swimsuits and take a dip. I must say the scenery was outstanding.....