Wednesday, November 8, 2017


I would like to announce the Hottie of the Month for the Month of October. 

This Hottie was one of three gorgeous ladies who have been constantly contributing  and showing dedication to Hoobs Hotties. 
She was voted in as Hottie of the Month by the fans.


What's the best thing about being a Hottie?

First, being chosen as a Hottie in the first place is a huge honor. The other women, my sisters in this group are simply amazing and inspiring.  I also get a lot more dates. I also get many, many more requests to model, make movies and for my services as an escort. Being a Hottie is being recognized in an elite class of women in SL. That may sound a bit snobby, but is an undeniable truth.

If you had to choose between a date with the hottest guy or gal.. or a shoot with the hottest photographer, which would you pick?

Well, this is going to sound greedy, but…. I would choose a couple that is also photographers! Seriously, I love group sex, bisexual and get off on having my picture taken during sex. The mere thought that men and women look at my pictures and get sexually aroused is an extreme turn-on for me.

If you could pick any model in SL to work with, who would it be?

Again, this is going to sound greedy, but I would choose Laura Richards and Severina. I have been lucky enough to have danced with them and their amazing dance group - Debauche. Their sensuality and creativity is unrivaled in SL. They both are also outstanding photographers.

What's the hottest of your body features?

Most people say my tits… no, wait my ass. No, it is definitely my tits! What do you think? 

Describe your sexiest experience in porn.

It would have to be the time I showed up for what I thought was a small group shoot that actually turned into a large after party orgy with some of the top porn stars in the business. I was pretty new to the porn scene, and nervous but everyone was so nice and made me feel so comfortable. I stayed up all night and had some of the best, mind blowing sex I have ever had in SL that night. The next morning, I was exhausted, sore and really hung over. The follow-up casting couch calls were just as much fun!

When did you know you wanted to be an adult entertainer?

The first time some guy sent me a boat. And I mean a BOAT. Then he told me how excited he got looking at my pictures. I got so incredibly turned on! So, I made my pictures a bit more erotic and sexual and it happened again and again and again. You know, a girl can never have too many things. I am pretty busy in SL and that is how to get my attention. And I never have enough shopping money. I hate to say I am high maintenance but…. It is expensive to be Heather Ashford! (winks)

Would you say you spend more time editing or flirting?

It has to be flirting. Flirting and seduction are the way to my heart and eventually other things! A nice, solid, hung cock doesn’t hurt either!

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