Friday, July 7, 2017


I would like to announce the Hottie of the Month for the Month of JUNE. 

This Hottie was one of three gorgeous ladies who have been constantly contributing  and showing dedication to Hoobs Hotties. 
She was voted in as Hottie of the Month by the fans.


Photo by Brea

The Hottie of the Month was asked some questions please see below for her answers.

What's the best thing about being a Hottie?

 Being able to represent a wonderful blog and being a role model for women that join our community are very important to me and being a Hottie allows me me to do both and hopefully it will help to interest more models in joining us and becoming active role models for new talent.

If you had to choose between a date with the hottest guy or gal.. or a shoot with the hottest photographer, which would you pick?

 I would have to say that modeling for very talented photographers would be my choice , I love to model and i love to see the work and talent that's out there, It amazes me the level of creativity available to us all and I am always happy to be a part of that in whatever capacity i can.

If you could pick any model in SL to work with, who would it be? 

I have worked with so many talented men and women during my time in the porn community and i wouldn't change that for the world because i love everything  I've been able to experience in this amazing community , but, If i had to pick one that i haven't completed work with yet It would be Angi Manners, Her talent and her photography is simply stunning in every aspect and me being a big fan of realism makes her the perfect choice for a future project.

Photo by Brea

What's the hottest of your body features?

 I pride myself in making my body as realistic as possible, Its completely custom with my skin and shape and tattoos and even the textures for my nawty bits are custom made . I try to make all areas of my body very appealing to the onlooker.

Describe your sexiest experience in porn. 

God, i have had so so many sexy experiences but nothing like i have with Heather, Until i met her,  loving and having sex was very much an everyday thing but allowing someone into your life fully, just enriches the experience beyond measure. And that is something i avoided here for a very very long time. I'm blessed with a truly open and sharing relationship and being together or apart makes every bit of sex amazing now.

When did you know you wanted to be an adult entertainer? 

 I have rl experience and that started in my early 20's but I swore i wouldn't go that route in SL  it took me over 6 years in SL to finally bend to the temptations, but, once i let that guard down, my SL completely changed, became more exciting and fulfilled and i was able to make people happy with my body and experience.
For me, being able to add to another persons enjoyment be it RL or SL,  is a true gift and it should never be taken for granted.

Would you say you take more time editing or flirting?

I do flirt a lot,  not always because i choose to, but sometimes its best to be polite and play along with the advances. It is about their happiness after all, first and foremost. But, i do spend about a half hour or more on every picture editing them because im so  picky and i want to do the best possible work i can for my friends and followers,

Photo by Brea

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